Monday, February 05, 2007

ECM implementation fails due to lack of planning

Kshipra Singh of Packt publishing asked me the following question about my recent book Alfresco Enterprise CMS Implementation,

In Chapter 3: Planning, you talk about Follow Best Practices to implement a project using open-source software. Give us a sneak preview about it.

Most of the Enterprise Content Management projects fail not because of technology, but because of lack of proper planning.

Planning is the most critical phase of any implementation project. During this phase, most of the decisions are made to customize specific features in a particular way. You define the security framework, custom-content types, folder structure, categories, workflow, reporting, business rules, and collaboration. During planning phase, you will scope your implementation, prioritize the requirements, and finalize the project plan. This chapter provides you information required for your planning exercise before implementing your system using Alfresco.

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A couple of basic ECM planning articles:

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