Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's time to UPDATE the Alfresco ECM Book

For the past 25 months (since the first version of this book is released), the open source content management software has entered into mainstream business.

The adoption of Alfresco has grown exponentially with over 1.5 million downloads of the software, with over 50,000 live sites and with over 150 applications in Alfresco Forge to download.

The book was written for the version 1.4 and since then the software is upgraded many times. The Alfresco product is matured and improved with lots of new and exciting features. The current version 3.0.1 and the upcoming version 3.1 offer new concepts which are very significant to the end users.

I think it is a high time to upgrade this book.

We (at CIGNEX) implemented Alfresco at many large enterprises such as Activision, Sesame Street, Medco, Electronic Arts and Cross Country Healthcare. Some of these Alfresco deployments serve over 10 TB of data to millions of users in a clustered and high-availability environment. We have integrated many 3rd party applications with Alfresco.

Documenting our experience & expertise on Alfresco implementations will be a great value addition to the book.

We will provide updates about the upcoming book...VERY SOON.

Alfresco Enterprise CMS Implementation on PacktPub.com First Alfresco book, worldwide service, 10% discount.


Sangeetha said...

Any news about when the new book will be released? I am holding back buying the older version because we are already working with Alfresco 3.1

Thank you.

Munwar Shariff said...

Hi Sangeetha,

The book is officially released now.

Here is the URL:

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