Thursday, June 07, 2012

Workflows in Alfresco Share

For any Business or Organization, the most important aspect is following a set of activities performed by relevant roles to achieve common business goal. These activities can be categorized into Business Process. Automation of these processes would help in managing business effectively and timely.  This need can be achieved through one of the prominent feature of Alfresco called as Workflow.
In this article you will learn about various workflow capabilities including start workflow, view task details , view workflow details , reassign task , save and close  and filtering of task.

New Inbox Dashlet

When you logged in, the first thing that is displayed is User dashboard. The dashboard is user configurable that contains many dashlet. If you don’t find My Tasks Dashlet, you can add dashlet using Customize Dashboard. In the below screen you may notice the new task listed in the My Tasks window. You can filter tasks on the basis of high priority, due tasks, overdue tasks, pooled tasks, assigned tasks. Additionally you can start workflow from this dashlet, can view details of task and can edit task.

You can also click on All Tasks to look in a more detailed page. In the below screen you may notice additional filters for Due date like filter on the basis of today, tomorrow, Next 7 Days, No date. You can also view workflow detail for a particular task.

View Workflow Detail Page

When you click on workflow details link, you can get information about the all tasks associated with that instance, you will know history of tasks, who all are reviewers for this document, what is the approval percentage, previous review comments, and most recently completed task. Additionally, you can edit task from here as well.

Reassign Task

For various business reasons you can reassign the task by clicking the Reassign Task button as shown below. Once you click the Reassign Task button, you will see the Reassign Task window as shown below. You can search for the users and reassign the task to an appropriate user.

Save And Close

At times it becomes important to save the changes as you may not have time or with any other reason you are not able to  complete information in one go. In this case you can save the changes of the workflow by clicking the Save And Close button. Next time when you open task details page you will find your changes. Suppose you don’t want to work on task at present, you can cancel the task by clicking the Cancel button. These two buttons are available in Task detail page.

Workflow Information in the Document Details Page

For a specific document in your space, you can find out the workflow details by clicking the document itself. You will be able to view Details page of the document.
The document's details page list down metadata, actions, version history, permissions and workflow details as shown below. If you click on those links, you will find workflow details associated with this document for your reference.


In this article, you have learned how to:  
  • How to start workflow and view task details
  • View Workflow Detail Page
  • Reassign Task
  • View workflow information from Document Detail Page
  • Use of Save and Close , Cancel button.

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